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  • Pammy Bikini AS SEEN ON TV

    Pammy Bikini AS SEEN ON TV (10)

    boobah is the original creator and inventor of the Pammy bust enhancer, it boost bust size up to two cup sizes, has been featured on ACA Chanel 9 and NBC USA. The halter neck no wire lifts up the boobs and brings them to the center to create more cleavage, its called the pammy after Pamela Anderson, we can even stitch more cups inside the cup to create more cleavage. Your bust looks much bigger and natural, suitable for all water sports ocean swimming, surfing modelling,  pool lounging, you can even wear it under a button up shirt as a bra to show off. boobah is Australian made and Brisbane based swimwear company
  • Paris Bikini AS SEEN ON TV

    Paris Bikini AS SEEN ON TV (11)

    The Paris bikini was featured on ACA channel 9. Its a glamorous version of the Pammy bikini with added bling,  swarovski diamontes and extra detail such as flower features, beads and one pieces that are exotically cut out as we call them monokinis they create an elusive silhouette to the torso to make it look like an hour glass figure and hide stretch marks
  • Convertible Bikini SEEN ON TV

    Convertible Bikini SEEN ON TV (4)

    The convertible bikini was created by boobah and featured on TV Channel 9 Australia on A Current affair. The pants have a built in power mesh that rolls up to sit under bikini top and change the look into a sexy sheer one piece. Ideal for hiding stretch marks, jelly belly, roll the mesh down on a skinny day then roll it up on a fat day. It only takes seconds and save you buying a bikini and a one piece. Created and designed for your convenience and confidence. You can half roll the mesh half way through the torso to create a retro high waist look, so versatile it really is a genius idea and every woman should have a convertible pant bikini
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